Buying my book

My book- Little Kids, Big Dilemmas:  Your parenting problems solved by science, is available through the large online retailers, such as Amazon and if you are near Cambridge, it can be purchased in our local Heffers and the Anglia Ruskin University John Smith’s Book Shop.

Praise for Little Kids, Big Dilemmas

“This book stands out among the crowd as it is based on state-of-the-art research on parenting and child development. It answers all those niggling questions that parents want answers to but don’t know who to ask. Little Kids, Big Dilemmas not only reassures but also offers scientifically valid practical advice.”  Professor Susan Golombok, Director, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge (UK)

“The ideas are practical – not every idea will work for every person, but the true value of books like this lies in the fact that they encourage thinking around the subject and offer options to consider. If you want to take a scientifically-based approach to childcare, then this is an essential guide; if you don’t, the book will still encourage you to make informed decisions on the big topics for parenting in the early years. Either way, it’s a thought-provoking and enlightening read.” – Parents in Touch