Do I talk about the kids too much?

There’s nothing more common than a polite chat about the kids. In fact, asking after the family, may be the height of good manners. However, the same cannot be said for oversharing.  If you’re guilty of more than one anecdote too many, you might consider these couple of tips that I have come across in my readings.

Cultivate the art of conversation. Pause, listen, ask questions and maintain eye contact. If you do these things you are much more likely to pick up on any non-verbal cues indicating a lack of interest.  The conversation is also much less likely to focus on you and your favourite topics.


Be an active listener. There are a number of ways in which to avoid oversharing. For one, it’s all too easy for the mind to wander when others are talking.  Active listening means really engaging and responding sensitively to what someone is saying. This means not jumping in at the first pause with your own tangentially related story.


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